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IN A NUTSHELL [6/6] – Future Goals, Plans, and Concluding Remarks

IN A NUTSHELL Future Goals, Plans So, the big question that everyone and their mom is asking me and my fellow recent graduates: What are you going to do with your life? A liberal arts education means a somewhat broad education, and I worried about this somewhat. Then, I stumbled upon a quote by an […]

IN A NUTSHELL [5/6] – Studying Abroad + Adventures in Europe

IN A NUTSHELL London: Studying Abroad In January 2013, I embarked to London and spent three months among the Brits. Technically, because my geographic focus in International Studies is Sub-saharan Africa, I was supposed to study in Africa, but certain circumstances and confusion led me to London instead with a program called AHA offered through […]

IN A NUTSHELL [4/6] – Africa: Culture, History, Tourism, and Wildlife

Some of my favorite topics in African studies have included ancient empires, discussions on the authenticity of cultural tourism, how colonialism changed traditional power systems, and the use of wildlife in traditional markets.

IN A NUTSHELL [3/6] – Africa: Views on Development

IN A NUTSHELL Africa: Views on Development Africa. There are those who think that Africa is a foreign country (“country”, are you kidding me?!?) with starving children and corrupt killers. To others, it is a continent that has been broken up, sold, freed, and now carries incredible resilience along with the legacy of colonialism and globalization. To […]

IN A NUTSHELL [2/6] – Background, My Trip to Kenya, and a Rant on Religion

My background and family history, the trip to Kenya that changed my life, and my distinctively critical view on religion and its affect on “developing” populations.

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