On Ireland

Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir.

Time is a great storyteller.

Castle on a Hill TaylorWoolsey_Ireland_LPsmall

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! I wanted to start my new series of posts about Ireland and the ancient Celts with one of my favorite Irish sayings. This one in particular speaks to me greatly and reminds me of the reasons I fell in love with Ireland in the first place. Storytelling has the amazing capacity to weave history with humanity and you can find traditions of storytelling in every culture around the world. I have always felt inspired and comforted by stories, in any form, and storytelling was such an integral part of daily life and religion for the Celts that I suppose that my interest isn’t at all unfounded. It all began with a historical fantasy fiction book I picked up randomly in my high school library sophomore year and skyrocketed from there. It may seem hard to believe that one young adult novel changed my life, but it definitely gave me a passion for reading and learning everything I could about Ireland and the ancient peoples that inhabited it in the distant past. My solo backpacking trip to Ireland only confirmed the magic for me, and I would like to spend the next couple weeks of posts sharing that magic with you. I will be sharing book reviews, travel pictures and stories, Celtic culture and history, and hopefully reflecting on my own life as I go along.  So, keep checking back and let’s see that green!

Ireland post links:

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  1. HI! I nominated you for the Liebster award! Congrats and good luck! Go and check it out:


  2. Sounds like traveling, through WP blog. I’m game – will look forward to your coming entries.


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